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It is now possible to send faxes directly from your computer and your smart phone.  This means that there is no longer need for a traditional fax machine.  Fax machines are noisy, consume much needed office space and are expensive to maintain.  They are also slow and sometimes unreliable.  These disadvantages are just some of the reasons as to why people are today opting to make use of internet fax services.
    To be able to send faxes from your computer, you will need to fax software.  The good news is that the software is easy to get, and you can get your hands on the necessary software in three simple steps.  This will ensure that you can send faxes from your computer, and never have to deal with the expensive, bulky and noise fax machine ever again!

Select an Internet Service Provider - There are plenty of internet fax services out there.  You however need to choose a service that best suits your needs.  This means you have to think about how often you are going to be sending or receiving faxes.  You also need to think about any additional features that you might need to make things easier for you.
    The best piece of advice is look around and compare the two different options until you have found the one that best suits your faxing needs.  You need to ensure that the service is going to work for you and suits your particular needs.

Pick Out Your Fax Number - Before you can think about fax software, you need to think about a suitable fax number.  Ideally, this should be a number that is easy to remember.  There are additional options here including vanity numbers, which add a nice and personal touch to your faxing needs.  These are also much easier to remember especially for customers.
    A toll-free fax number is also a good choice.  Most clients are inclined to contact a business that has a toll-free fax number.  What this simply means is that your clients will not be charged for long distance faxing, which potentially means more business for you.  You will need to put a lot of thought especially where your faxing needs are concerned.

Download Email to Fax Software - The last step here is getting your fax software such as eFax.  This will allow you to finally send faxes.  This can be to a local or international number.  Your service provider should be able to provide you with the fax software that you need to be able to start sending faxes from your computer.
    The top online fax service providers have an online fax system that converts regular emails and computer documents into faxes.  Any documents faxed to your own individual fax number will be converted into emails and sent into your inbox.  Using this type of fax software will greatly reduce or completely eliminate paper costs and maintenance costs.  Using fax to email software you will be able to access your faxed documents any place where you can get Internet access including your mobile phone.  The best online fax service program is eFax.

Advantages of an Online Fax Service

- You can access your faxes anywhere you can access your email account including hotels and smart phones.
- You can easily save your faxes on your computer.
- You can delete junk faxes.
- You get to decide which faxes you want to print.
- Internet fax services saves you a lot of cash.
- Online faxes are easier to operate than a traditional fax machine.
- Your electronic fax provider will continue to send a fax until a busy signal is not reached.
- Your fax provider will never return a busy signal to your customers and suppliers who are trying to send a fax to you.
- It is much more environmentally friendly.
- You can get a 30 day free online fax trial at eFax.

Our Internet Fax Reviews

We have an online fax service comparison table listed above.  You can compare and learn more about online fax software service providers by reading our detailed reviews on the Internet fax service providers.  Find out how many pages you can send and receive, your monthly costs, support hours, which countries are accepted and how to use the email to fax software solutions.  In our reviews an online fax may also be referred as a web fax, Internet fax, computer fax, electronic fax and a virtual fax.